Orchestra:  violin, viola, cello, bass
4th* and 5th Graders: If you want to join Orchestra for the first time this year, you will be in the Beginning Orchestra.  Beginning Orchestra members will have one small group lesson each week during the school day.

5th Graders: If you were in Orchestra last year, you will continue with the same instrument in the Advanced Orchestra.  Advanced Orchestra meets once a week during the school day.  

*4th graders: if you already take private lessons on your instrument, a separate 4th Grade Advanced Orchestra class will be offered this year.

Getting an Instrument: Your child will need an instrument that is in good working order.  Our supply of instruments at Barrett is limited, so some students will need to rent an instrument from a local music store, such as Foxes Music or Music and Arts. Mr. Velsey also recommends Brobst Violin Shop in Alexandria, Virginia for orchestra instruments. If you know which of the above instruments you would like to rent, please go ahead and rent it! If you would like to rent from Barrett, we will give your child an APS rental form. The rental fee for the school year is based on your student’s lunch status. *Please know that priority will be given to students on free or reduced lunch.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. My child is an afternoon patrol.  Can s/he participate?
    YES!  Please join us for after school chorus/band immediately following your post.
  2. We already know what instrument we’d like to rent (and it’s on the instrument list.) Can I go ahead and rent it?
    Yes! When you get your Band/Orchestra Welcome Letter, just indicate that you’ve already gotten your instrument.
  3. When are the concerts?
    All performances are on the Barrett Family Calendar.