Che at Math Night    Che Abdeljawad
   Math Lead Teacher
   Math Coach

    At Barrett, mathematics is a dynamic and interactive endeavor.  On any given day, Barrett students explore problems in-depth while using strategies that make sense to them. Explorations are conducted in learning communities where students move around, talk and explore mathematical concepts with their peers and teachers. Students express their mathematical thinking through drawings, writing and talking. Building number sense and developing fact fluency is the work of our elementary mathematicians. Barrett teachers demonstrate high expectations and strong support for all students, so they can achieve anything their creative imaginations pursue.

A little about me:
I have been teaching since 1985 and in Arlington Public Schools since 1992.  I have a Masters degree in Mathematics Education from the University of Virginia. I hold a Virginia State license as a Math Specialist for Elementary and Middle Education. My passion in life is relating to the world and all that it is, through the eyes of children and the language of math.