Update on Standards-Based Grading

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This year, Arlington Public Schools (APS) will use a standards-based approach to grading and reporting at 11 elementary schools. This new form of reporting will include more detailed information about the knowledge and skills students are learning.Standards-based reporting focuses on what students understand and does not utilize traditional letter grades. Standards-based practices:

  • Align to best practices in teaching and learning
  • Focus on what students know and can do
  • Provide specific information on progress
  • Involve students

To learn more, watch this video produced by AETV to learn more about Elementary Standards-based Reporting in APS.Still have questions or want to know more? Attend one of the community information sessions on Standards-based Reporting:

  • Wed, Sept. 25 from 7-8 p.m. OR
  • Tue, Oct. 15 from 7-8 p.m.

Both sessions will be held in rooms 354/356 at the Syphax Education Center located at 2110 Washington Blvd. Parking is available on levels B1 and B2.