Kate Waller Barrett Elementary School

PTA Reflections Winners

BARRETT PTA REFLECTIONS CONTEST WINNERS!! Congratulations to the following Barrett Tigers for their outstanding contributions in the PTA Reflections Contest for 2020!

APS press release for the reflections contest. Below are specific Barrett awards.


Reflections county winners

Film – Intermediate Division (Grades 3 through 5) Award of Merit: Elizabeth L., K.W. Barrett Elementary School

Literature –

Primary Division (Kindergarten through Grade 2) – Award of Merit: Justin D., K.W. Barrett Elementary School

Intermediate Division (Grades 3 through 5) – Outstanding Interpretation: Alexander K., K.W. Barrett Elementary School. This piece will go on to compete in the Northern Virginia District PTA contest!

Visual Arts – Intermediate Division (Grades 3 through 5) – Award of Merit: Aidan K., K.W. Barrett Elementary School

Excellent work Tigers! We are all so proud of you!!

Students must agree to follow the Acceptable Use Policy

Every year students in Virginia must agree to follow their school district Acceptable Use Policy. Here’s an interactive tutorial https://www.iorad.com/player/1723661/Students-must-agree-to-follow-the-Acceptable-Use-Policy 15 STEPS 1. The first step is to tap MyAccess. 2. Type your student number, also known as your lunch number in the username box. 3. Type your Arlington Public Schools password in the password box. […]