Whooping Cranes Winter Home in Florida

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 1/19/2011 9:00:00 AM

DSC07913The whooping cranes have completed their migration to Florida. You can check the daily status of the whooping cranes here. In the Discovery Lab we used the SMART Board to “click and reveal” food hidden in the saltwater marsh habitat. The cranes love to eat blue crabs! They also eat insects, crane chow, corn, mice, snakes, fish, and more. We learned a little chant: Food, Water, Shelter, Space…Habitat is a wonderful place! Then each student made a model of the habitat to take home. We will revisit the whooping cranes in the Spring when they migrate back home to Wisconsin. Click here to read an article about the whooping cranes that was in the news this week. DSC02768DSC02769DSC02770DSC02765DSC02778