Whooping Crane Life Cycle

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 10/28/2008 9:00:00 PM

egg chick Adult Flying

We had such a marvelous time learning about the whooping crane life cycle and making whooping crane necklaces. Thanks to everyone for helping out on this project! Mrs. Shaw from Project Interaction/Communication Arts cut the clay pieces. She also helped the students learn how to make beads from clay. Thanks to the Friday Volunteers and Barrett parents for preparing the chick and adult medallions for the center of the necklace and cutting the cords. It was great that many people popped in to the Discovery Lab to help with the project; our principal Mrs. Bratt, assistant principal Mrs. Smingler, and many Barrett teachers and parents and even grandparents! We appreciate Karen Sonnenblick from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for photos and information that helped us build our life-sized models of the egg, chick, juvenile, and adult whooping crane. We are so lucky to have an artist/educator/bird-lover working at Barrett who was willing to create the models. Hats off to our talented Melissa Poore! The first video below shows the students learning about the whooping crane life cycle and the actual size of the whooping crane. You can see the students holding out their arms to make a prediction of how big the whooping crane actually is. The life-sized model was hiding behind a curtain. The students were surprised when they saw how large the crane actually is (5 feet tall, wing span about 7 feet). Later, each child had a photo taken with the whooping crane. The video includes art work by Vicky Henderson, who has given us permission to post her work. You may see her paintings and photographs of the whooping cranes at http://vickiehenderson.blogspot.com The video also highlights two students recording our first BIG WHOOP show in the Barrett Communication Arts TV Studio. There are photos of the students watching the show the following day on Tiger TV, the daily Barrett news show. Special thanks to our Instructional Technology Coordinator (ITC) Fred Delventhal for hosting the show. We also started the Kindergarten Whooping Word Wall. Can you guess which words we chose for the wall? Watch the video to find out! The second video shows us preparing the materials for the whooping crane necklaces and the students making the beads and necklaces. Photos from the Animoto videos may be viewed as a slideshow or downloaded from Mrs. Sullivan’s Picasa Web Album http://picasaweb.google.com/LaurieJSullivan You can watch the BIG WHOOP show at http://whoopingcranes.blogspot.com(Posted on October 17, 2008)

To follow the whooping crane migration, which is occurring right now, go to http://www.learner.org/jnorth/tm/crane/08/WCEPHighlights.html