Where Does the Trash End Up????

Posted by Allyson Greene at 5/19/2010 1:50:00 PM

Recently, first graders have discussed the importance of recycling and the use of natural resources. To facilitate this, Mrs. Greene asked each first grader to help her figure out what to do with the many packaging peanuts she received when she ordered some new science materials. There are way too many of them to keep in the Discovery Lab!!!!!

Therefore, in order to help with this, first graders saw a quick movie on landfills and then began an investigation as how the 2 kinds of packaging peanuts would react when put into a mock landfill.

Each student received a cup filled with water, a pipette, and both kinds of packaging peanuts–PUFFNS (made from corn) and styrofoam packaging peanuts. The cup with water was the mock landfill in which students got a very good understanding that the PUFFN packaging peanut was better to throw away than the styrofoam one! Many of the children used the words: dissolving, melting, dissappearing…and even biodegradable once they saw the PUFFN reacting with the water and becoming a gooey mess!

To make for a fast cleanup….the students put all of their ‘trash’ into their landfill and watched something happen that shows how we can be more aware of our environment.

Excellent work, first graders! Now, I know how to best dispose of these numerous packaging peanuts! I will recycle and reuse the styrofoam ones and use some water to dissolve the PUFFNS!





Mrs. Bonifaz




It dissolves!