Visit from a Hubble Engineer

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 6/6/2009 9:00:00 AM

On Wednesday, June 3rd, students in grades K-5 met Keith Walyus, from NASA’s Goddard Research Center. Mr. Walyus is the Chief Engineer for the most recent Hubble Space Telescope repair mission. Students learned what kinds of things the telescope can see, as well as what kinds of things Mr. Walyus does at NASA. Students were entertained with a movie that had some funny moments from past space shuttle missions. As you can see from our pictures, students were very interested and excited by what they learned. All students received ‘goodies’ from Mr. Walyus–a bookmark, pictures from Hubble, and the mission patch sticker from the recent Hubble repair space mission! Thank you, Mr. Walyus!! keith hubble keithhubble grade2 julie keith2 speaking diana'sclass thankyounote teachers