Videoconferencing with NASA about our Moon

Posted by Allyson Greene at 1/26/2010 2:00:00 PM

Learning about our nearest neighbor that is not a star!!!!! Roger Storm Mr. Storm discussing how the astronauts survived when they explored the moon.

Our first graders had a chance to learn more about our moon by participating in a live videoconference with , located in Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Roger Storm, a NASA education specialist, spoke to our students about what the moon is like, how it orbits our planet and our sun, and how large the moon is compared to the Earth. Our students were very active participants and hopefully have some new knowledge they can share you about our very own moon! Enjoy the pictures!

distance to the moon

This graphic shows someone walking to the moon….it is so far that it would take almost 135 years to walk to it going at a normal speed and not stopping!

Students listening

Some of our attentive and inquisitive students involved in the videoconference!

Showing a crescent moon

This was shown to the students to give them an idea of how the moon has phases. Here you will see a crescent moon, which Mr. Storm told our students it reminded him of a banana!

Asking a question

A question being asked by a first grader!

What do you see in the moon?

We learned about the different shapes different cultures sees in the moon. What do you see?