Videoconference with NASA–Quinzio and Smith

Posted by Allyson Greene at 1/12/2010 12:00:00 PM

Today in our Discovery Lab, Mrs. Quinzio’s and Ms. Smith’s classes had a guest teacher…all the way from NASA ‘s Johnson Space Center in Houston,Texas! Our students learned about solar energy–why it is important to us here on Earth, as well as how NASA depends on solar energy for space exploration. We learned how the energy from the sun helps plants grow, gives us our weather, and helps to make our lives easier! We also saw how NASA is thinking of using solar energy for future rockets!

We had an outstanding presenter, “Ms. Patricia”! She explained a lot about solar energy, but also allowed us to see the astronauts training live down in the large underwater practice facilities at Johnston Space Center.


Ms. Patricia speaking to our 3rd graders.


Students listening to the presentation.


Potential energy is stored energy.


Kinetic energy is moving energy.

rubber band

A demonstration of potential and kinetic energy with a rubber band.


This is a mock up of the new crew capsule, Orion. Astronauts were training in this!


Live footage of astronauts training underwater for an upcoming spacewalk!