Videoconference with Astronaut and Director of Kennedy Space Center

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 9/25/2012

DSC00117As part of the NASA Explorer Schools program, Barrett fourth graders had the opportunity to videoconference with Bob Cabana, along with a school in New Hampshire. A veteran of four space flights, Cabana has logged more than 910 hours in space. He served as pilot on STS-41 (Oct. 6-10, 1990) and STS-53 (Dec. 2- 9, 1992) and was mission commander on STS-65 (July 8- 23, 1994) and STS-88 (Dec. 4- 15, 1998), the first International Space Station assembly mission. Cabana currently serves as the director of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.DSC00123DSC00124DSC00125DSC00130DSC00131DSC00133DSC00135DSC00137DSC00139DSC00145