Tiger Sharks, Monk Seals, Bats, Birds, and Animals in Space Oh My!

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 4/14/2013

April brings an exciting month of learning in the Discovery Lab: · K – Signs of Spring….Birds! Kindergarten kicked off the Bird Unit that will feature the endangered Whooping Crane. Ask your child, “What bird beak did you use? What food could it eat?”

· 1st Grade – Students videoconferenced with NASA Glenn Research Center in Ohio about Animals in Space.

· 2nd Grade – All classes completed an animated Apollo Mission to the Moon project using Toontastic. Over the next week students will share their projects with one another.

· 3rd Grade – Students replicated some of the work of a bat researcher as they classified bats and graphically represented the bat population data to share with their classmates. Ask your child, “What did you do as a bat researcher?”

· 4th Grade – Students watched the DVD Roving Mars to prepare for the upcoming Engineering Design Challenge of designing a landing system for a Mars spacecraft.

· 5th Grade – Students completed a JASON Project Digital Lab based on Dr. Sala’s research on the relationship between tiger sharks and endangered monk seals in Hawaii. Ask your child, “What did you do to find out what the shark had eaten? What did you learn from the data?” Mrs. Lombardi’s and Mrs. White’s classes have completed this two-day lesson . Mr. Morse’s class and Mrs. Harvey’s class will complete the lab over the next two weeks.