Three Visits to the White House

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 11/21/2009 6:00:00 AM

DSCN1437 PresidentObamaAddressesCrowd ObamaFamily DSCN1401 DSCN1419 DSCN1435 Barrett has been so fortunate to receive three invitations to visit the White House over the last two months. Just this week all 3rd grade classes toured the White House. You can read about the trip on Ms. Toussant’s blog. Earlier in the month twenty-five students, representing first through fifth grades, toured the White House Chef’s Garden. And in October four fifth grade students represented Barrett at the Astronomy Night at the White House. Following is a thank you letter from one of the students (posted with parent permission):

Dear organizers of White House Astronomy Night:

My expectations were extremely high but now I could consider them low in comparison to what actually happened. I had no idea that Buzz Aldrin would be there or Sally Ride or John Grunsfeld. I didn’t know I would be within two feet of President Obama or see Jupiter through a large telescope and take my first astro photo of the dumbell nebula. Really, it was one of the most enjoyable nights of my life. It was more fun than one thousand birthday parties or a truckload of Christmas or Hanukah presents with your name on them. I had so much fun I would do it again any night, even on the eve of the SOLs. Thank you so much.

A Grateful 5th Grade Student from K.W. Barrett Elementary in Arlington Virginia,

Aidan Walker

Apollo 11 Astronuat Buzz Aldrin

Apollo 11 Astronaut, Buzz Aldrin

October 7, 2009 We talked with Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the first American female astronaut Sally Ride, and astronaut John Grunsfeld who recently returned from his 4th shuttle mission to service Hubble. When we were inside one of the inflatable dome/planetariums all of a sudden who should come in and sit on the ground with us for 10 minutes but the president, his daughters and the first lady!!

Waiting for the bus at KenmoreMrs. Sullivan and students preparing to leave for the White House

Astronuat Mike Grunsfeld Hubble missions – Astronaut John Grunsfeld

First female in space, astronaut Sally RideAstronuat Sally Ride DSCN1422Cratering DSCN1414Astronaut Buzz Aldrin