Third Grade Visits Patuxent Wildlife Refuge

Posted by Allyson Greene at 10/27/2011 11:00:00 AM

Binoculars!! Binoculars!! On Thursday, October 20th, our 3rd graders visited Patuxent Wildlife Refuge. We had spectacular weather! The students were very excited and did an outstanding job observing this special place. Below are some pictures for you to enjoy. For more information about Patuxent Wildlife Refuge, click on this link: refuge  Mr.Dan showing students a plant. beaver den A beaver den. meadows Beautiful! Meadow and forest habitat…what would live in these habitats? geese Geese and ducks. Wetlands..from the tram Wetlands Forest/Meadow A young forest in the meadow. Root bulb A rootbulb from a fallen tree. reading Reading and discussing about the refuge Hike In the woods… toads We found toads! Beautiful! Simply beautiful! Meadows and forests against the blue sky and cumulus clouds! Puddles We found Puddles! More Puddles And more students with Puddles! The Passport Getting the passport stamped! Stamping the passport Stamping in action! teachers Mrs.Nagle and Mrs.Quinzio get their stickers! teacher Mrs.Donovan gets her sticker! teacher Ms. Smith gets her passport stamped.