Thanks PTA for funding the Under the Bay Exhibit

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 10/5/2009 9:00:00 AM

We have really enjoyed learning about the Chesapeake Bay and water ecosystems during the month of September and into the first week of October. Thanks to the PTA for funding the visiting exhibit, UNDER THE BAY, from the Virginia Living Museum. All PreK – Fifth grade classes visited the mini museum set up in the Discovery Lab. Thanks to Barrett teacher and artist Melissa Poore for creating the sea cave and the Chesapeake Bay Reading Challenge. Below are photos from the three 4th grade classes at Barrett. Photos from many of the classes can be viewed on FLICKR.

Science Station 1 – Under the Bay Books and Posters

  1. Interesting Facts – As you read a book of your choice, jot down interesting facts on sticky notes. Leave the sticky notes in the book so other students may read your thoughts
  1. A Question – Use a sticky note to write one question about something you are wondering about after looking through the books. Put the sticky note on the big chart paper.
  1. Making Connections – Does the information you find in the bay and ocean books remind you of what you have seen or heard before? Make connections to yourself, the world or other books. Write and/or illustrate your connections below. You could start your sentence with…This reminds me of… DSC09418

Science Station 2 – Examine the items from the Virginia Living Museum. Draw and label two organisms that are most interesting to you. Write one fact about each organism in the same box as the drawing.

Museum Musings – In groups of three or four students, choose one organism that you will present to the class. Put a sticky note next to the organism so another group will not choose the same animal. Plan how to teach the other students about the organism. Some ideas for your presentation include:

a de the organism’s habitat and role in the food chain structural adaptations (physical attributes) of the organism behavioral adaptations of the organism why you find this organism interesting

Refer to the chart, CHANGE – BIG IDEAS, to take your presentation to a higher level.