Summer Learning with Semantris

Semantris main Screen

Semantris is word association game that can be played two ways. There is a timed version where speed is helpful and there is a block version where strategy is the key. We have added it to our Summer Learning Resources.

We tried Semantris out with small groups of 3-5 grade students at the end of the school year after SOLs. Surprisingly, the students asked to play it again and again.

We like it because playing word games is a fun way to increase vocabulary and learn new words. Semantris works with word association that can benefit writing as students work on enriching their writing with adjectives, adverbs, and synonyms.

Semantris is best played on a device with a keyboard, but most of our students didn’t have a problem playing the block version on their tablets.

Semantris Arcade Screenshot

Sematris Arcade

Players are working with a timer so speed is necessary. Players usually show improvement as they play more and more.

Skills practiced – keyboarding, spelling, word association

Semantris Blocks Screenshot

Semantris Blocks

Players can take their time to review the words and think about what word they will use to score the most points. Again, players will show improvement the more they play.

Skills practiced – spelling, strategizing with the artificial intelligence for the best word associated between multiple words on the screen, thinking two or three steps ahead to manage the playing field to your advantage.

Please let us know what you and your children think of Semantris.