Summer Learning – Celebrate Special Days with Books

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As we head into the 4th of July, let’s take a moment to remember the summer months have other holidays. We’re looking forward to the following observances throughout July and August:

Tuesday, June 9: Cow Appreciation Day

Thursday, July 11: World Population Day

Sunday, July 14: Shark Awareness Day

Saturday, August 3: National Twin Day

Sunday, August 4: International Friendship Day

Sunday, August 10: World Lion Day

Wednesday, August 14: National Monster Day

Wednesday, August 14: World Lizard Day

Saturday, August 17: National Honeybee Day

Wednesday, August 21: National Senior Citizens Day

Monday, August 26: International Dog Day

With each one of those days, challenge your family to read a book that might relate to that day.

When you can’t find an accompanying book, head over to Storyline Online. They have books connected to each one of those celebrations. It is where we got the list of those dates. 😉

Storyline Online is recommended by members of our Reading team and we’ve added it to our Summer Learning resources page. It features people you may recognize reading some of your favorite books. Their library is extensive. We recommend signing up for their free newsletter.

Tip for parents: Turn on closed captioning on every device and video your child watches. Storyline Online offers it on their videos as does BrainPOP, Netflix and many more. If you want a free and powerful way to boost your child’s literacy, keep closed captioning on all the time.

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