Students in Action in the Discovery Lab

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 3/17/2013

DSC03298Here is a look at the latest learning in the Discovery Lab:

  • NASA-related centers for Kindergarten students
    • Robonaut on the International Space Station
    • Robonaut Game
    • NASA Our World “Spacesuits”
    • Space Shuttles
    • Space Ice Cream
    • Reading in the Space Station module
    • Building with “astronaut gloves”
  • 1st Grade – Women’s History Month Focus on 1st American female astronaut Sally Ride
  • 2nd Grade – Kick off Apollo to the Moon Project
  • 3rd Grade – Beginning collaborative Bat Unit in the Discovery Lab, Library, and Classroom
  • 4th Grade – Building a working model End Effector (hand) for Robotic Arm similar to that on the ISS
  • 5th Grade – Rock Cycle Game