Solar Energy Presentation with Mr. Dan Redmond

Posted by Allyson Greene at 1/26/2010 2:00:00 PM

Ms. Smith’s and Ms. Toussant’s classes continued to learn about renewable energy resources with a presentation on solar energy with Mr. Dan Redmond. Part of his presentation is to do some activities outdoors that use solar energy; however, our weather has not been conducive to going outdoors as the sun has not been shining too much over the last 2 days. Therefore, students were able to understand how the sun is depended on by many people around the world. We could not bake brownies in the solar cooker, we had to imagine their scrumptious flavor; however, we will try to do some solar cooking on a more sunny day!

As Mr. Redmond said, “We all have the sun and we all have the air.” It is with this quote that our students began to think more about how we can make better decisions when using electricity. Ms. Toussant referred to one of the ideas on a chart in the Discovery lab…….

A need or want may cause change. Also a change may cause a need or a want.

With that, students were asked about the resourcefulness of coal and the new and ‘cool’ things we like to use today, such as iphones, Nintendo, and Wii games. The more humans invent, the more we want to continue having these ‘cool’ things….and the more coal we need to have those nice things. Hence, our wants require a change, which is what we are beginning to explore.

Learning about coal

Learing about’s very inexpensive, but very dirty!

solar oven

A solar was not sunny enough to cook these brownies!

Learning about solar energy

Listening to Mr. Redmond

solar oven

Thinking about solar cooking….what could we cook in there?