Solar Brownies with Mrs. Quinzio’s Class

Posted by Allyson Greene at 2/2/2010 8:00:00 AM


Our sun was out for some great solar cooking!

Yesterday, we had lots of sun for a wonderful presentation on solar energy with Mr. Dan Redmond. Students learned how solar energy can be used as an alternative form of energy to what we currently use–coal. Students went outdoors to experience how a solar panel can power a fan, as well as to cook some yummy brownies! With wonderful videos and hands on experiments, students got a first hand look at how the sun can be such a powerful renewable resource.

writing with coal

Writing with coal

Mrs. Quinzio

Mrs. Quinzio observes coal.

Outdoor experience

Learning about solar power…in snow!

Aidan being a 'cloud'

Aidan was being a ‘cloud’ to demonstrate how clouds can affect solar power.

Mr. Dan explaining solar energy

Mr. Dan Redmond discussing solar energy.

Solar Brownies

These were the solar brownies we made, and they were delicious!