Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl screen capture

Good Morning!

We’re posting this on the weekend because the name is so appropriate. We’ve added the Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl to our Summer Learning resource page. It’s a weekly music show that the whole family can enjoy.

We’ve listened to a couple of shows and want to assure parents that this is not music like “Baby Shark” or songs sung by a purple dinosaur (some of us are quite old.) The songs on the show are pretty good and the variety is fresh.

Don’t let the name, Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl mislead you. You don’t have to listen only on Saturdays or during breakfast. You can make sure your screens are off and use it as background music for lunch or dinner. The two hour length and almost 100 episodes, provide hours and hours of music for short and long car rides. Kids can avoid the distraction of music videos when parents turn on Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl for doing chores, putting a puzzle together, family game night, etc.

Check out Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl using the link on our Summer Learning page along with other opportunities to keep on learning!