Recent Lessons in the Discovery Lab

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 2/3/2013

DSC02515Kindergarten students learned how astronauts prepare for space and made “Flinkers” (combine FLOAT and SINK to “FLINK”…also known as neutral buoyancy). Also, check out Mrs. Ratcliffe’s blog post with photos of the kindergartners in flight suits and building models of the ISS. This week 1st graders rotated through centers in the Lab related to their Force and Motion classroom unit. Second graders learned about the nine activities that will take place on Family Science Discovery Night, this year titled Discovery S.T.E.M. Night. One of the activities is an Angry Bird Launcher which connects with the Forces and Motion focus this year in Science Enrichment classes. The students viewed a video of astronaut Don Pettit on the ISS explaining about the trajectory of an Angry Bird. Then the students played Angry Birds in Space on the iPads. Third graders built Mars Orbiters and wrote about the purpose of each instrument. Students in Mrs. Nagle’s and Mrs. Quinzio’s classes created a Mars landing system with aeroshell, parachute and lander. Fourth graders used the Engineering Design Process to design and construct Lunar Landers (Allen & Toussant photos posted, Wisely’s photos will be posted on Tuesday after the two-day lesson). 5th grade students in Mrs. White’s & Mrs. Lombardi’s classes studied the geological processes and landforms on Earth and Mars. The students worked as geology detectives as they solved the JASON Project Martian History Mystery. Fifth graders enjoyed a presentation and hands-on activity facilitated by visiting oceanographer Dr. Leslie Smith. DSC02574DSC02063DSC02545DSC02463DSC02227