Preparing for the 3rd Grade Field Trip to Patuxent

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 10/4/2012

DSC00279DSC00388Mrs. Nagle’s class and Mrs. Flore’s class visited the Discovery Lab in the days leading up to the third grade field trip to Patuxent. In the Lab the students participated in a “tea party” to find out the types of things they might see at Patuxent and the types of things they might do. The students conversed based on the information provided on each unique index card. Afterwards, the students were excited to receive their own whooping crane activity book to learn more about the endangered whooping crane that researchers help at Patuxent. Please ask your child about his/her conversation at our tea party and about the field trip. Mrs. Quizio’s class and Ms. Smith’s class will participate in a similar lesson this week in the Discovery Lab.DSC00390DSC00393DSC00295 DSC00395 DSC00397DSC00281DSC00400DSC00282DSC00297DSC00301View more photos: