Photos from Science Night 2012

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 2/24/2012

DSC06228Symbol of the National Wildlife Refuge System (NWRS), Puddles the Blue Goose Cutout by Barrett educator Melissa Poore Dear Barrett Families, Thank you for participating in Barrett’s Rock the Refuge Celebration and Science Discovery Fair. We are thrilled with the high number of families we saw during the evening learning together. Check out photos from the event on Flickr

DSC06192 - Copy (2)

1st grade teacher Mrs. Tu bought balloons for the event. Mrs. Greene and students decorated Barrett with balloons and signs.


Barrett teachers greeted families, passed out Science Passports to be stamped at each station, and handed out prizes to each student that participated.


Dr. Sullivan, wearing a wildlife refuges shirt, with Puddles and her nieces


A “bird” successfully completed the migration game. Wildlife refuges make a wonderful habitat with food, water, shelter and space.


AmeriCorps talked with families about their work in nature in Arlington.


The after school Barrett Robotics team shared their work.


Families learned about Careers in Science


Students dissected Owl Pellets. What did this owl eat?


Long Branch Nature Center shared a Corn Snake


Puddles visited with families during the evening.


Mr. Harmon from the Arlington Planetarium showed students the night sky.


Bret Wolfe, Marine Program Coordinator, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, shared about his work on Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge and the Laysan Albatross.


NWRS Biologist and Refuge System climate change coordinator John Schmerfeld talks with students about his work.


Out PTA president pulled an “Ask me” question off the display board to ask the student bobcat expert.


Flat Blue Puddles sent from Barrett made it to Hawaii and then back to Barrett.

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Families watched Barrett produced Wildlife Refuges and Nature music videos from our YouTube Channel,


A student shows his father photos of the NWRS project and skit he completed

DSC06201 - Copy

Reading student writing about wildlife refuges and nature


Thanks to the The Raptor Conservancy of Virginia for their two presentations. P1000330DSC06229DSC06261DSC06279Kindergarten teacher Elizabeth Rente escorted Puddles during Science Night and took photos. At the end of the evening students found their photos with Puddles.


As students completed their Science Passports, they received NWRS calendars books and NWRS pencils.