NWRS Skits and Presentations by Ms. Toussant’s Class

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 1/6/2012

On Thursday and Friday Ms. Toussant’s fourth graders enjoyed working in the Discovery Lab as they fine tuned the wildlife refuges skits and presentations they had designed. After a quick rehearsal on Friday, the students performed for Mrs. McCarthy’s second grade class. We were very impressed with the fun, informative, memorable presentations! Project Interaction’s Ms. Shaw videotaped all four presentations. DSC04464 Rangers talk to a visitor, with a black bear nearby:DSC04420The teacher (note the lanyard around her neck) drives the bus on a field trip to a wildlife refuge in Florida. Can you see the whooping crane in her wonderful habitat?She has food,water, shelter and space:DSC04426The student playing the whooping crane in the skit wore a feathered headband made by her mother:DSC04414We learn about the Florida wildlife refuge from Ranger Harry, who then joins us on the bus to drive to the Great Dismal Swamp in Virginia to meet Ranger Chase:DSC04433At the wildlife refuge we see a red fox:DSC04434Dr. Sullivan had fun playing the role of student on the field trip to the wildlife refuges:DSC04436Students loved the sound Puddles the Blue Goose, mascot of the NWRS, made as he answered questions:DSC04439Puddles and the group taught the second graders the following questions: What is a wildlife refuge? What wildlife and habitats can be found there? What do people do on a wildlife refuge? Why are wildlife refuges important?DSC04445This group used posters and acting to teach about the National Wildlife Refuge System:DSC04448DSC04450DSC04452Mrs. McCarthy’s class was a wonderful audience:DSC04447After each group’s skit or presentation, the students completed a feedback form for that group:DSC04476DSC04490