Mrs. Bonifaz’s Class Explores Wildlife Refuges!

Posted by Allyson Greene at 2/8/2012 11:40:00 AM

Puddles Research Here are some pictures of Mrs. Bonifaz’s first graders working on learning about what Puddles might see at a wildlife refuge. Students specifically explored Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. What Puddles Would See:

  • turtles
  • red fox
  • wild ponies
  • snakes

What Puddles Would Smell:

  • plants
  • flowers
  • ocean
  • smoke

What Puddles Would Hear:

  • birds singing
  • water moving
  • snake hissing
  • snake slithering
  • tree leaves moving
  • turtles crawling

What Puddles Would Feel and Taste:

  • To be determined! We will post our observations after the next lesson!

More pictures: Water habitat Mrs. Bonifaz Debriefing More researching