Movie & Photos – 5th Graders Build Bridges with Engineer Tom

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 11/8/2013

As part of the Scientists in the Schools program, engineer Tom Cummings is volunteering in the Barrett Discovery Lab this year. Engineer Tom, as the students call him, shared about his career and then challenged students to design and build bridges that span 25 centimeters and that would hold the greatest number of pennies. Two of the constraints were time and materials; the bridge had to be built and tested by 3PM and the students could only use 20 straws and one meter of masking tape. Some of the bridges held over 200 pennies!

Students also used the app Fat Birds Build Bridges on the iPads to experiment with some basic bridge building principles.

Photos on Flickr – Photos on Flickr – Morse Class DSC05853DSC05857DSC05859DSC05861DSC05864DSC05865DSC05884DSC05877DSC05995DSC06004DSC06026DSC06025DSC06042