Mini Presentations by 4th Graders in the Discovery Lab

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 9/24/2012

DSC00009-001DSC00012-001The exhibit from the Virginia Living Museum titled The Natural History of Early Virginia connects nicely to the content the fourth grade students are currently learning in their classrooms. On their first visit to the Discovery Lab the students explored all the items in the exhibit. At the end of the first visit the students indicated the items about which they would like to learn more. On the second trip to the Discovery Lab the students were grouped based on interest. They learned specifics about a group of items and then decided how to present the information to their peers. The groups then rehearsed their presentations. The document camera enabled the students to display the various items on the SMART Board during the presentations to the class.DSC09839DSC09845DSC09846DSC09861DSC09869DSC00043