Mars Spacecraft 3D and NASA Presentation

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 12/7/2012

Several students asked for the link to the target for the NASA JLP Spacecraft 3D app: DSC01633Mr. Tahu, Program Executive at NASA Headquarters for Mars and Lunar Exploration, visited Barrett once again to teach about Mars. The presentation was excellent and included many visuals. The students enjoyed touching the three different types of rover wheels and looking at the model of the Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity. Although NASA has not had a Mars sample return mission yet, Mr. Tahu brought a unique Mars meteorite for the students to see. The students heard briefly about lunar samples brought back by NASA and then were able to touch a piece of the moon! The students received Mars Curiosity stickers. The following day in the Discovery Lab the students wrote thank you notes to Mr. Tahu and used the Spacecraft 3D app on the iPads to explore Curiosity.