Living Reptiles and Amphibians in Discovery Lab

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 10/15/2010 1:20:00 PM

DSC06175 Matt Neff from Long Branch Nature Center visited Barrett this week. We talked about the characteristics of reptiles, the 5 groups of reptiles, and some of the reptiles here in Arlington. We also talked about some reptiles that do not live in Arlington, such as the tuatara and alligator. We discussed the differences between reptiles and amphibians. We loved seeing the living reptiles and amphibians that Mr. Matt brought from the nature center. Also, the turtle from Ms. Hickman’s class visited the Discovery Lab. In addition to the turtle, these are some of the reptiles we observed: Five Lined Skink, Anole, Black Rat Snake, Mole King Snake. We also observed amphibians: Two Redback Salamanders.DSC06179The student role playing the part of the TUATARA will sense the shadow of the predator with a third “eye” on the top of his head. DSC06169The Black Rat Snake DSC06149Redback Salamanders DSC06148Five Lined Skink DSC06138Alligator DSC06136Acting out the part of the tuatara from New Zealand