Learning about the Mangrove Ecosystem

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 6/17/2010 5:00:00 PM


Mrs. Lambert’s fourth grade students became very interested in mangroves after reading about them in the reading textbook. When we started learning about the Gulf Oil Spill (or really a leak as one student pointed out) we wondered how this would affect the mangroves in Louisiana. In a news article Dr. Sullivan read about Mr. Lewis, a wetland scientist and ecologist, whose area of expertise is mangroves. Mr. Lewis has conducted research in the past on the impact of oil spills on mangrove forests. Mr. Lewis was kind enough to answer our questions and sent us some photos of his work in the field. After discussing his work, we watched a video clip that highlighted many of the adaptations of the mangrove and then we read the book The Sea, the Storm, and the Mangrove Tangle by Lynne Cherry.