Kindergarten Moon Centers

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 4/20/2012

DSC07539 After revisiting the recent flight of the orbiter DISCOVERY over Barrett Elementary and landed at Dulles, the Kindergarten students went back in time to the Apollo missions to the moon. Students watched a video researched, scripted, and animated by two previous Barrett students who are now in college. Then the kindergarteners rotated through centers in the Discovery Lab and in the hallway related to the moon. Science Station 1

  • Rockets, Astronauts, & Lunar Rover Models
  • BrainPop Jr. Moon and Google Moon to observer craters

Science Station 2

  • Collecting “moon” rocks
  • Space Capsule (tent)

Science Station 3

  • Launch foam stomp rockets to the “moon”. Record data on the graph below. Did the rocket land BEFORE the moon, ON the moon, or BEYOND the moon?

DSC07557DSC07542DSC07536DSC07530DSC07485DSC07462DSC07454DSC07453DSC07447DSC07442DSC07438DSC07434DSC07432DSC07429 All photos from lesson posted on FLICKR