Kindergarten Bird Beaks

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 5/27/2009 2:00:00 PM

DSC08724 Following the Bird Exhibit, the Kindergarten students learned about different types of bird beaks and how the beaks are adapted for eating certain types of food. After reading about beaks, the students used various pretend bird beaks to eat various types of foods. They learned that some beaks did not work at all for some of the foods. The students graphed their results. Afterwards they watched a brief video on bird beaks and then each student played the Bird Beak Game on the SMART Board.


DSC08703 DSC08719Mrs. Sullivan is showing the students Vickie Henderson’s blog. Ms. Henderson is a naturalist and artist. She watched the Kindergarten Whooping Crane Musical and asked to place the musical on her blog. How exciting! Please checked out the beautiful photographics and artwork on Ms. Henderson’s blog.


DSC08745 DSC08727 To view all photos from this lesson, go to FLICKR.