K Students “Fly” in Ultralights

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 12/12/2009 9:00:00 AM

DSC01035 In the Discovery Lab this week Mrs. Garman’s class and Mrs. Ratcliffe’s class learned about Bill Lishman’s experiment of leading Canada Geese on a migration to Virginia. Lishman, known as Father Goose, and his daughter raised the geese and used an ultralight aircraft to show them the migration route. After the experiment was a success, Operation Migrationdecided to use this technique with the endangered whooping cranes. Click here to watch a brief video clips about Father Goose, who is featured in the movie Fly Away Home. The videos won’t play on our school network, but should work at home. Also in the Discovery Lab we checked on the current migration of “our” whooping cranes, we made models of ultralights and whooping cranes flying in the sky, and watched a video clip of a journalist flying with the cranes. We read the online story of Taylor’s 10th birthday present of flying with the whooping cranes! Then each student put a photo of himself/herself in an ultralight glider and we went on a pretend migration around the school. I’d love to fly with the whooping cranes for real on my next birthday! If you’d like to see a real ultralight, click here for directions and photos of the Udvar-Hazy Smithsonian Musuem. Ms. Rente’s class and Mrs. Torres’ class will participate in this lesson on Wednesday.DSC01046