K students become Whooping Crane Scientists

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 11/21/2009 7:00:00 AM

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This week Kindergarten students learned more about the endangered whooping cranes through a dramatization. Each group “performed” two times so that students had the opportunity to play the role of the scientist once and the role of a whooping crane once. The scientist/researcher costumes were sewn by Mrs. Garman’s mother and paid for from our $2,500 Toyota Tapestry grant we were awarded last year. The puppets that look very similar to the puppets that the scientists use, were made by Barrett teacher and artist, Melissa Poore.

The real whooping cranes are currently migrating behind the ultralight aircraft. Due to bad weather, the cranes have only migrated as far as Illinois. When will they reach their Florida home? You can check out the daily status report here. You may view a video about the endangered whooping cranes on YouTube. Photos of all the Kindergarten classes can be viewed on Flickr.



DSC00419Swamp monster ready to scare any juvenile whooping cranes that don’t follow the ultralight. DSC00420Swamp monster scares the whooping crane back into joining the other whooping cranes DSC00418Migrating with Mrs. Sullivan’s gift from her family, a stuffed animal whooping crane DSC00414The whooping crane is the tallest bird in North America, standing at 5 feet DSC00456Whooping cranes summer home in Wisconsin. The migration starts here. DSC00454The migration route includes 7 states. The whooping crane winter home is a refuge in Florida. DSC04099The whooping cranes are currently in Illinois on their way to Florida


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