K – 5 Current Lessons in the Discovery Lab

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 4/28/2013

· Kindergarten – Kicked off our Endangered Whooping Crane unit and created “Story Hats’ to share at home in May.

· 1st Grade – Visited 5 centers in the Discovery Lab to learn about animals that have traveled in space and to the International Space Station. Students also posed their own research questions. Ask your child about the real and models animals they observed.

· 2nd Grade – Completed an animated Apollo Mission to the Moon project using Toontastic and shared the projects with their peers. Check out two examples in the blog post below.

· 3rd Grade – Continuing our Bat Unit, the students created Bat Benefits Mind Maps. Ask your child the five ways bats are helpful.

· 4th Grade – Students created parachutes, wings, and canopies during an Engineering Design Challenge to determine the most effective system for a bag of Farfalle pasta to descend and land on the ground with no damage. Ask your child about their most successful design. PHOTOS

· 5th Grade – Students completed a JASON Project Digital Lab based on Dr. Sala’s research on the relationship between tiger sharks and endangered monk seals in Hawaii. Ask your child, “What did you do to find out what the shark had eaten? What did you learn from the data?