Holiday Hair and Wildlife Refuges in the Discovery Lab

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 12/16/2011 4:00:00 PM

Crazy Hair Day in the Discovery Lab On Holiday Hair Day 4th graders in Ms. Toussant’s class continued their National Wildlife Refuge projects that they will be presenting to the primary grades. You can read about the project on our Wildlife Refuges and Nature Blog: (Scroll to 12/02/11 entry) For the first twenty minutes of class we reviewed our Content and Language Objectives and then brainstormed, “What makes a presentation memorable?” Next Barrett’s Instructional Technology Coordinator (ITC) showed the students the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Wildlife Refuges website to supplement the research the students had already collected via visits from National Wildlife Refuge System (NWRS) Career Speakers, and from NWRS coloring books, brochures and DVDs. The students spent the remaining hour working in groups on the project. We were fortunate to have Principal Bratt join us for the entire lesson. DSC04241 DSC04246DSC04248DSC04257DSC04260DSC04261 DSC04262 DSC04263 DSC04267 DSC04268 Click here to view all photos