Google Expeditions Pioneer Program at Barrett

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 1/5/2016

Torres Tablet Torres Class

“I saw Mars! Mars, I say! It was awesome!” a student exclaimed during a virtual field trip using Google Cardboard & the Google Expeditions app. Using two class sets that were loaned to Barrett for the day, teachers were able to take their students on expeditions to many locations such as Mars, the ocean, tundra, desert, and Egypt. A highlight was joining a rock climbing expedition in Yosemite followed by rock climbing in the gym.

Looking Down

The Expeditions Day was organized by ITC Fred Delventhal with support from Project Discovery Teacher Laurie Sullivan & Librarian Margaret Frick. A video created by Communication Arts teacher Renee Shaw showing the students in is available here.

I saw Mars Google Cardboard

Video of Expeditions in action at Barrett:

To learn more about Google Expeditions visit