Fall robotics club finishes with great results!

Posted by Allyson Greene at 12/3/2008 7:00:00 PM

This fall, a few of our students had a blast working with Lego MindStorm Robotics kits, which were purchased by one of our business partners, Lockheed Martin, along with NASA Explorer School and Barrett PTA funds. Mr. David Brandt, who works at one of the Lockheed Martin offices in Crystal City, was instrumental in granting the money needed to buy 8 robotics kits! Thank you so much, Mr. Brandt!

From the pictures below, you will witness our students working hard, as well as having lots of fun. Students really were thinking like engineers and got their robots to do ‘cool’ things! A few examples of these tricks are: having the robot drive in a square, strike a ball, speak, spin around, and react to a noise such as clapping!

What is important to take from this experience is that robotics is not only a career, but it is science, math, technology, and engineering all in one fun package! We will offer another robotics club in the spring. Hopefully, these pictures will entice lots more Barrett students to participate!

working zephren aiden pablo

moises callie monica clapping

calliemonica mohammedcomputer zephrenpablo aidenmargaret

zcomputer robot moises2 pablo2