Exploring the Moon: Past, Present, and Future

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 3/8/2008 5:00:00 PM

video models

Kindergartners learned about the Apollo 11 mission to the moon and NASA’s plans to return to the moon. The students enjoyed watching this exciting video clip: Return to the Moon: The Journey Begins Now.

Students rotated through three Science Stations:1) Google Moon Maps on the computer, Making Craters, and Moon Exploration Models/Toys computer crater 2) Moon Fact Game “Go to the Moon” played like Go Fish card holdcard 3) Launching Rockets to the Moon and graphing if the rocket landed Before the Moon, On the Moon, or Beyond the Moon. explain rocket graphstudents moon graph What’s it like to walk on the moon? Join the Apollo astronauts on the surface in this series of stunning 360-degree panoramas, one each from the six successful Apollo moon landings. Shot by the astronauts themselves during their historic moonwalks, these QuickTime images capture the magic and mystery of the moon like no standard photograph can.