Erosion and Wetlands

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 6/6/2010 7:00:00 PM

Second grade students learned about erosion and the role wetlands play in slowing down erosion. I shared with the students that when my sister and I attended UCSB, some of the nearby homes had problems with erosion. They also learned how wetlands can filter the water, up to a certain point. The students really enjoyed using our Wetlands Enviroscape Model, purchased with funds from our NASA Explorer School grant. DSC04475 DSC04474 Dr. Sullivan shared erosion stories that took place near the university she attended DSC04473Mrs. Kerley shares her erosion story.


DSC04349Building the mountain DSC04348Observing and drawing how the mountain changes after being subjected to erosion by wind, rain, and river. DSC08891 Wind erosion DSC08948 Erosion caused by rain DSC08951 Erosion caused by river DSC04341 Wetlands Model – Oil pollution DSC04343Soil that will be eroded from the construction site. DSC04352 It’s raining DSC04353 DSC04355 DSC04378The green sponges represent the wetlands DSC04387Observing the plant roots that have absorbed the pesticide DSC04383We observed the wetlands slowing down the water and filtering out some of the pollution. DSC04386We observed what happened when the wetlands were removed and replaced by a boat dock. Click here to view more photos of the students in action.