Dr. Sullivan's Trip to Kennedy Space Center for Rocket Launch and Workshop

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 11/23/2013

Rocket Last weekend in Orlando I attended the workshop Red Planet: Read, Write, Explore with teachers across the United States and Mexico. Following the workshop many of the participants went to Kennedy Space Center to view the launch of the MAVEN spacecraft to Mars. What an experience! The rocket launch was perfect! I also met two NASA folks who will be coming to work with students at Barrett. I returned full of excitement and numerous lessons to share with our students. Countdown About an hour before the launch BarrettFamily It was fun to see a family from Barrett in the Saturn V Building at the Kennedy Space Center Atlantis Posing in front of the orbiter Atlantis at the Kennedy Space Visitor Center Night Rocket My car was the last car to leave the public parking lot at the Kennedy Space Visitor Center. It was a lovely warm evening. Sandra MAVEN Deputy Project Manager Sandra Cauffman was an inspirational speaker at the teacher workshop and also the following day in the huge IMAX theater at Kennedy Space Visitor Center Below is the Animoto music video I made from photos taken at the workshop.http://animoto.com/play/9c2fuHe5WGTMEGBOpZyMlQ

Mars Teacher Workshop in Florida