Discovery Lab – January Lessons

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 1/12/2014

K – Read Mousetronaut: A Partially True Story by astronaut Mark Kelly and worked with NASA vocabulary using the Bitsboard app on the iPads

1st – During January the students are investigating force & motion using ramps & pathways, as well as learning about NASA via books and apps on the iPad.

2nd – In January special guest, Einstein Fellow Jennifer Kennedy, will provide hands-on activities through NASA’s Museum in a Box program. Students will continue learning about NASA via books and apps on the iPad.

3rd – In January students will continue non-fiction writing using Google Docs to assist with collaboration and providing feedback via the comments feature in Google Docs.

4th – Students are completing the Animal Adaptations project using Chromebooks, iPads, and Google Drive.

5th – Mrs. Harvey’s class class completed NASA’s Orion Spacecraft Radiation Protection design challenge this week. Mrs. Lombardi and Mrs. White’s classes have also completed the challenge. Mr. Morse’s class will participate in the challenge on January 23 & 24. All students who participated will have their names flown on the test flight of NASA & Lockheed Martin’s new spacecraft Orion: