Changes affect Sea Turtles – Helpful or Harmful?

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 11/22/2009 10:30:00 AM

DSC00462After looking at the photo on the SMART Board, students move to the “People” side of the roomto indicate that the change in the sea turtles’ environment is cause by people.The students then hold up a green card to indicate the the change is helpful to the sea turtles. DSC00461 Students move to the “Nature” side of the room to indicate the CHANGE in the turtles’environment is caused by Nature. Students hold up a red card to indicate that the change is harmful to the sea turtles. DSC00477Students sort cards showing photos of CHANGES that can occur in a turtles’ environment.The cards show changes caused by people and nature. The changes are either helpful or harmful. DSC00526 DSC00470 DSC00469 DSC00530 Students write in the foldable flipbooks they made during their last Project Discovery lesson. DSC00548 DSC00549 DSC00539The lesson concluded with students watching a sea turtle videopodcast created by their 2nd grade classmates. DSC00545 You can watch the students’ sea turtle videopodcast by clicking here. To see more photos from this lesson, visit FLICKR. You may be interested in reading an article on the CHANGING environment and endangered sea turtles that was recently published in the New York Times.