Careers in Project Discovery

Posted by Allyson Greene at 11/10/2009 1:00:00 PM

In conjunction with Barrett’s annual Career Week, Project Discovery has hosted several career week speakers over the last two weeks.

Third graders heard Mr. Rick Nagle (Mrs. Nagle’s husband) speak of his career as a navy officer and his work with aquatic life. Also, we had Mr. Carey Johnston speak to Ms. Toussant’s class about his job as an environmental engineer and his work with water quality control. Fifth graders spoke with Mr. Bruce Moravchik, NOAA Specialist, about his career with NOAA and the kinds of skills needed to pursue a career in ocean exploration.

Career speakers in December include:

  • Dr. Emilia Costin, a toxicologist, will share her career with 4th graders.
  • Dr. Susan Garfinkel, a molecular biologist, has created a visually stunning, animated PowerPoint presentation to share with 5th graders.
  • Mr. Ken Lavish will share his work with the endangered whooping cranes with our Kindergarten students.
  • Later in the year, we will host more career speakers, which will tie into current topics discussed in the Discovery lab and classrooms. Most importantly, we hope that our speakers provide inspiration to our students to work hard and to dream BIG!!!!

    Here are a few pictures! Enjoy!

    class speaking

    question dad

    kids class

    scuba rick2

    bruce kids5