Barrett Winners to NASA Goddard & Work w Optimus Prime

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 8/28/2015

Please see the April 2015 blog post to learn about the students’ process and winning entry – April blog w photos, project description and students’ Volcanic Exploration Drone video

Goddard Sign

This summer Barrett’s winning team visited Goddard Space Flight Center for two days accompanied by Dr. Sullivan. The students were given a VIP tour, built and launched model rockets, filmed a video with actor Peter Cullen (voice of Optimus Prime in the Transformers movies) and were honored at an awards ceremony.

On stage

We are sorry that the fourth student member of the Barrett team, Erick Buendia, was not able to attend.

Barrett students in the NASA TV Studio with actor Peter Cullen Video clip – And you’re watching NASA TV!

Barrett students with Peter Cullen talking about their Volcanic Exploration Drone

Check out the many photos and videos in this Flickr Album – Page 1 shows the students working on the project at Barrett, page 2 shows the NASA Goddard events Photo Album w Video