Barrett Students on the Way to Antarctica

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 12/14/2008 6:50:00 PM

Right now the Barrett 4th graders are on their way to Antarctica. Well, not the actual students but their names. Earlier in the year we made a flag to represent Barrett, “Discovering the Gifts of Every Child”. All the fourth grade students and teachers initialed the flag and we sent it with a teacher and a team of scientists on an expedition to Antarctica. The flag is currently on the icebreaker Oden. When the team reaches their destination, the team will take a photo of our flag in Antarctica and send it back to us. Meanwhile in the Discovery Lab, we have started a unit on the Arctic and Antarctica. The enduring understanding guiding our unit is: In order to survive within an ecosystem, organisms adapt and interact with the living and non-living environment. The photos below were taken by the teacher on the icebreaker, Jeff Peneston. Mr. Peneston teaches 7th grade science in New York. He took about 100 flags from around the United States on his journey. Check this blog soon for a photo of the Barrett flag in action. At the end of this video, you see Mr. Peneston drenched by a wave crashing over the side of the Oden. Brrrrrrr!!! Barrett PolarTREC flag

 Flags Inside

Jeff Peneston will take Flags to Antarctica

Jeff Peneston on the Oden

Flags with Seal Researcher

Flags in thye Wind

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