Barrett Students Featured on Journey North Website

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 12/21/2008 7:00:00 PM

From the Journey North website

Unfavorable winds are blowing against the cranes and planes again today. They are stuck at 702 miles into their 1,285-mile journey south.

Bad weather slows migration, but it doesn’t slow craniacs. Children from two families at Barrett School went to see the ultralight aircraft and Whooping crane display at the National Air and Space Museum. On display is the actual ultralight that led one of the Whooping crane migrations and was in the movie Fly Away Home. Teacher Laurie Sullivan reports: “The students impressed one of the museum guards with all their knowledge about the Whooping cranes and the ultralight.” See photos on the school’s blog entry: Barrett Students Visit Whooping Crane Display, or see Journey North’s Classrooms in Action for links.