Barrett Secretaries – NASA Explorer School Spirit!

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 3/21/2009 7:00:00 AM

We are very proud that Barrett was selected as the first elementary NASA Explorer School in Virginia. Our NASA spirit shines from the Discovery Lab, throughout the school, and into the office. Enjoy the photos below of two of our fabulous school secretaries wearing Barrett NASA Explorer School polos. Almost anything in the Lands End catalog can be ordered with the NASA Logo. See details below.




NASA Explorer School clothing:  and  Call the Lands' End business outfitters at (800)535-3060 and speak to one of the NASA representatives:
        Dave at ext. 8365 - Judy at ext.8047 - Sandy at ext. 8025. 

Provide the NES logo reference number: 
·         NASA Explorer School K.W. Barrett Logo 0650544K ($8.10)
·          NASA Explorer School (no K.W. Barrett) Logo 0628711 ($5.50)

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