Another Successful Science Discovery Celebration!

Posted by Allyson Greene at 3/3/2010 2:00:00 PM

Wow! What a successful Science Discovery Celebration we had last week! The festivities began with a videoconference presentation by a group of 5th graders with NASA Langley. This group of students worked very hard with Mrs. Cohen on a Wastewater Management Challenge, designed by NASA for future use on our Moon and beyond! On Wednesday, we enjoyed a meteorology presentation with Adam Caskey, News 7 Meteorologist. We learned how the weather is forecasted, as well as what kinds of skills and knowledge someone needs to study in college to become a meteorologist. The end of the presentation was awesome as we got to see the Storm Chaser! This is a Hummer that has been turned into a weather station and is very ‘cool’ both outside and inside! The next day, Thursday, was our main event. We had Ms. Rudo Kashari, NASA Education Specialist, work with many of our students on special NASA lessons in the Discovery lab. We also had the Science Museum of Virginia, from Richmond, visit many classrooms with interactive lessons which related directly to the Virginia Standards of Learning. The museum also brought a hands on exhibit that was on display in the gym, which every student had the opportunity to visit. Later on Thursday night, the wind and cold did not stop many families from coming to our evening event! We had the wonderful student projects on display in our library, a videoconference with NASA Glenn Research Center in Clevland, Ohio, Jonathon Harmon from the Arlington Planetarium, and the crazy, but very informative show, The Scoop on Poop! On Friday, the celebration continued with more interactive lessons from the Science Museum of Virginia staff and Rudo Kashiri from NASA Langley. Also, Mrs. Greene placed ribbons on each student and class science display board for participating in the fair. As you can see, we had a lot of fun here at Barrett for our annual Science Discovery Fair and NASA Explorer School Celebration! Enjoy the pictures below and also follow the link provided if you wish to see more! We are very appreciative of the incredible staff and community we have to support Project Discovery and the science instruction at Barrett! Laurie Sullivan and Allyson Greene, Project Discovery Teachers DSC02232









DSC02360 School Board member Sally Baird observes the lesson on Pollination presented by the Virginia Science Museum